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    Elian Gonzalez - Forcibly removed by Federal Authorities

4/22/00 at 5am

    I am a Cuban American. I left Cuba at the age of "5" and though I was young I knew then I did not want to live in Cuba.

My parents gave up EVERYTHING to come to this country. They did it so my brother and I could have the freedom of speech, which was taken away from us prior to our birth.

My cousin came here at the age of 6 just like Elian. Came alone because my aunt and uncle were not allowed to leave Cuba at that time. Cuba's military age is 15 and from fear of their son being forced into the military they sent him to the US alone. My aunt and uncle were not the only parents who made this sacrifice. Many Cubans had to do the same for their children's freedom.

Elian has requested to remain in the US. Elian's mother died seeking freedom. Is this the way the US protects this child??

I am angry with the US government and I too feel betrayed. This is my way of expressing my anger, and I can only thank GOD today for the freedom of speech.

I urge the Cuban American Communtity's All over the US to REMEMBER 2 wrongs don't make it right!

Violence will not solve ANYTHING!

Speak your mind, do it constructively and civilized so we can be heard.

    May E. Moreno


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