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    The Forum    
    Dedicated to: New Jersey’s Forum Participants
and our Forum Leader - David Sherman
    Life is made up of a few distinctions
In which the truth will set you free
The rackets and the winning formulas
These are two of three

The third is empty and meaningless
A distinction hard to live by
When everything we do is so meaningful to us

We get the tools for our endless rackets
That’s when we are making someone wrong,
Which has us be right
And we justify, and avoid others from dominating us

And to think that this is our payoff
Costing us Love, Vitality and Life.
And our winning formula has us winning, yet feeling stuck

There is what happened, then there is our story
And we totally get this
When we come to the realization
That our story is an interpretation of what we believed to be the truth

And you are left with nothing, in what we all know as something
When you are in emptiness and meaningless,
You are free to be in someone else's listening, and intimacy can begin

And we are now left with a choice
Of doing more of the same or making a difference
In a world shaped by cynicism and resignation
Breakthroughs begin,
And we are free to create endless possibilities.

I am the possibility of having an uncondition relationship with everyone I come in contact with.

May Moreno
June 9, 1999

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