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Dedicated to: Melissa Silver


If you trust you are my friend
Take a walk with me..
If you want to know me, but you feel you don't,
Then walk beside me and let's experience a sunset.
And if you prefer the moon, I will walk along with you.

When the sky is gray I will show you a rainbow
Close your eyes, take my hand, and I'll take you there
It's not very far, just around the bend
Breathe deep, no need to look so far...
Just trust, and if you allow me I will be your guide.

When my skies are gray can you show me your gardens?
Please lead the way, for I may be lost and afraid,
And your reaching hand
Will take me to that wonderland
That only you can share.

And if you see the rainbow,
And I smell your flowers
We can claim we are friends... for we have experienced one another.
With a simple touch of your hand, and a touch of mine,

as you gave to me, I can give it back.

May Moreno






Dedicated to: Melissa Picheny


Morning Songs so softly weeping
Echoes in my mind
Lonely days, I've longed forgotten
I have seen them pass me by
Sunshine shining on my window
Sunny days keep me hanging on
Always treasured morning echoes that are now gone.

May Moreno