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The foutain of Beauty is the heart, and ever generous thought illustrates the walls of your chamber.  __Francis Quarles

The priceless gift of life is love,
for with the help of God above
Love can change the human race
and make this world a better place.

For love dissolves all hate and fear
and makes our vision bright and clear
So we can see and rise above
our pettiness on wings of love

Helen Steiner Rice

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                        My Collection of Angel gif's, png's, and jpg's

                        Please look at the photos below on the missing children banner. Everyday new photos are added on. You may recognize one of them.

If you are interested in helping the fight for missing kids please click on the photos and print out their poster. You can place the posters in Supermarkets or Malls. Children are usually spotted in malls.

If you want information on how to get involved in the fight for missing kids you can click on the link above (Remember Little Jessica) or click on the link below.

Little Jessica didn't make it, but if we all get together the children on these photos below may have a fighting chance. The internet is a powerful tool you can get involved and help save a child.

                        About Me!!!  Click on the link to find out more about me.  I have constructed these pages as a representation of myself to the world.  I will be keeping it updated and expending it as I become more adventurous.  I have created the background, buttons and bars with Adobee Photoshop and it's Plug In's.
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