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Cathrine - Holland - Age: 32 - 1998

Pete - New Jersey, USA - Age: 45 - 1995

Joan - New Jersey, USA - Age: 32 - 1993

Eddie - New Jersey, USA - Age: 33 - 1992

Ed - New Jersey, USA - Age: 25 - 1989

  "Fallen Angel"  

This poem was inspired for: Cathrine - Holland

When I heard the news
I felt responsible,
Felt confused and angry too.
I never meant to hurt you,
Your actions have left me without a clue.

In you, I thought I'd found a companion
Someone to share time and life with,
But nothing about you was as it seemed,
I didn't know you as well as I thought I did.

And now your life is over
My words can't change that now
But where ever you are
I pray you find freedom, and peace somehow.

I've tried going back to our last conversation
But all I can remember was a bad confrontation
of lies and deceit
And today .. all that is left is just me.

I comfort the pain for the loss of you.
And question if there was more I could have done?
But I know in the end you chose your own end,
As I have chosen mine too.

God gave me this life,
And it hasn't been grand
But I make the best of it in what I can.

And when I am done serving my God
Only God knows when that will be,
I know He will be waiting in Heaven for me.

May Moreno




Someone called her name last night
Underneath the bright lights
Ill to hear what they had to say
Came in and then she ran away.
Ironocally as it seems
Died inside her world of dreams.
Endless sorrow never more...

She lays under the tree she mourned.

May Moreno

  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  
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Australian Institute For Suicide Research And Prevention


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