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     Another night, another morn...another day passes through.
And in some quiet time I am still reaching for you.

Where has he gone? Will he return?
When the lights are out I am still alone.

Despair has taken over... but as it comes, it goes.
I will be much stronger when I finally do let go.

All the nights away from the bed we shared have finally made me see,
That I will rest forever when I claim to be free.

My heart grows stronger as the days go by.
As I sit in wonder... is all this right?

The morning comes so quickly as I rush through the day.
And in the evening hours I ache for your sweet face.

Spring is here...the birds will sing, the flowers will bloom.
And so shall my heart mend from these thoughts of you.

As I release this loneliness and welcome the light,
I will see the start of a new sunrise.

Once again my life will appear as the rainbows that are painted before me.
April and May will soon be gone to leave me whole and full of life.

And the warmth of summer will soon be here,
As I plan out the fall and the next coming year.

With no expectations and free of despair,
I can go on today knowing tomorrow is there.

May Moreno



   Sunshining days
Pure early light
Ringing of chimes
I'm a seasonable sight
No one forgets me for I bring you life Growing and glowing we part.

May Moreno