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"No Title"

And the songs says..
"Your the loser now.."
and I say,
Your the loser now"
We all play games
We're players
And like pawns on a gammon board
Your talk inspires us
At times I loved you as if you were God..
Sick huh?
Didn't hold back an inch I gave you my all.
Don't mind my tears..
It's just the aching fear in my bones
And I move on.. and I'll miss your scent
And your sometimes warm embrace..
And I'll love you just the same
When I'm gone..
I brush myself off and move on
You will take no time to forget
Will you ever speak your heart?
We all have our day... no One is different, only God
And the song plays on.. "forever.. now that your gone..
forever.. wooooooh whoooooo ahhh hahhhh forever..."

May Moreno

All "quotes" came from songs on an Eurythmics cd Tittled "Peace"..

The cd was a gift from a Gracious friend.