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For My Dad

Forever Crying

   Kneeling beside her,
He takes her hand.
Ever so gently,
He fingers their wedding band.

He lovingly arranges her soft curls back into place,
He closed the eyes that saw the world of him,
And gently traced her nose and her mouth,
And even the slope of her chin.
He softly caressed the belly that nurtured his child.
Then he thinks of their daughter, with a ghost of a smile.

Painfully, he remebers her struggling for each breath,
As her #1 MOM necklace rested on her chest.
Even as she tried to overcome the pain,
She still managed to softly call out his name.
To see her like this really tore him apart,
Then she said, 'I love you with all of my heart.'
His tears began to fall, as if they would not end.
Her chest rose once, twice, then not again.

Why, why was she chosen to leave?
He asked of this God he used to believe.
Again, he thinks of her suffering this dreadful disease,
And slowly, he wipes his tears, with the back of his sleeve.

A tug on his hand,
Shakes away these thoughts for a while.
And he looks at the memory of her,
Their child.

The time has come for one final goodbye,
And for his daughter's sake he tries not to cry.
As he hold his daughter in a tight grip,
He bends down for the last kiss of her lips.
Then, his little angel cries out for her mother,
And his heart is dying at the sight of its lover.
Eventually, he forces himself to walk away.
But, can he really live without her another day?

He awaits the day that only happy memories remain,
When he can think of her without all the pain,
He knows there will come a time
When his last tear will drop.
But inside his heart,
The crying will never stop.

Dawn Materia

Thanks Dawn, for your thoughtful expression.
May Moreno


Happy Fathers Day Papi!!!


Thanks for your soft words, and gentle touch.
For being a 'Dad' a 'Friend' and a 'Mom'
For never abonding me through my past ordeals.
And your forgiveness throughout the years.
Thanks Papi!!!
Happy Fathers Day
You are deserving of the 'Best Dad Award in the World' and I freely announce it to the 'Universe'.

With Love your Daughter,

Father's Day 1997

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